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Dollar Bills
Audio Cassettes -- Dictation
90 minutes tape or shorter
Qty         Untracked    Tracked
1 or 2     $32.00           $42.00 
3-4        $22.00            $39.00
5+          $20.00            $30.00
Over 90 minutes, Please Inquire
for C-120's & C-160's
Long Play -- Vinyl
16, 33, 45, 78 RPM
Qty         Tracked    Not Tracked
1 or 2     $42.00           $34.00 
3-4        $39.00            $31.00
5+          $35.00            $28.00
Digital Audio Tape -- DAT
Qty  Price
~       $36
Reel to Reel / Open Reel
Diameter     Full Reel Price
       3"            $ 25
       5"            $ 55
       7"            $ 80
      10"          $125 
FYI     reel speed  (IPS) is important. Audio can be condensed to get more audio time on a reel and playback could be 'gibberish'  to hear until the speed is adjusted.  
Labor Charges -- for cleanup, audio normalization and ... other items $60/hour
CD Mastering --- $60/hour &/or Setup at $35.00.



In Case You Ask
Double Side Recording Most audio reels & open tapes have two possible recording sides. Printergy records both sides to capture all of the recording. We trim the "blank" portion . 
Working With Yesterday's Audio 
There are many variable to working with audio tape . We transfer audio cassette  & open reel tape to a point where we have created an audio equivalent of the original tape. We do edits as part of our basic service but doing tracking and specialty edits are  a premium service.
Also, services such as adjusting voice levels between two person conversation is also a premium services. The line between regular and premium service is often not clear, Our techs will call if a concern arises.
Tapes, like 8 track conversion require it's own discussion. Unlike audio cassette tapes, these tapes play  in a "circle". We can start capturing in the middle of something ....
OPEN REEL / REEL TO REEL we have noticed that splices dry out or  that tape snap in two.  We will repair the first five problems before contacting the customer.
We capture Vinyl &  Shellac  LP Recordings -- Most all speeds. However, there are a variety of older records which have offset center holes or require UNIQUE stylus. Aluminum base  LPs are heavy but offer more reliable recording than cracked  Shellac surfaces recordings. They present interesting situations ... definitely premium work.  
LP Stylus 78 rpm have wider and deeper groves. some early LPs (pre 1040's) have  deeper groves (unpredictable situations)
As a rule, LP 78 running time short. 10" LP's are two minutes ... your great/grandfather's WWII record from a stop over in Hawaii is 75 seconds or so.
VOICE RECORDERS are much like cassette tape . . . just smaller physically but requiring original equipment.
We do VOICE OVERS. By appointment WITH a TECHs. Customers come  in and sit with our techs. Your voice & message can be added to a slide show!
We ask customers to fill out a 'CUT" sheet to give us editing instructions.  The CUT SHEET has a spreadsheet layout with time clues where segments begin / end information. The segments  maybe described as something wanted, something not wanted  or moved elsewhere . . .
The customer gives us the spreadsheet and we do the work! [save time save money! eh!]
It is also possible that after this first round of edits are completed, the customer may want to review the work. Great. Set up an tech appointment and we can do it together.
FINAL PRODUCT is either a "CDA" file intended for a CD disc or an MP3 file intended for digital uses. Please Specify.
Early DIGITAL PLAYERS & CELL PHONES. Yes, we can take audio off of older iPhones & digital  players and load & re-synch to other players. Inquire
We do master CDs for CD duplication (& DVDs & Blu-Ray).  Please inquire.
REVIEWS  are always encouraged!
USB Stick   8gb   $8      16gb  $10 
Ext Hard Drive           Inquire
Shipping                      Inquire
To Printergy is the customer's responsibility.
Printergy may ship the project back to customer.
Check & Credit Card OK for mailed items.
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