Audio Equipment
Digital Equivalent
Audio Cassette, dictation tapes, Vinyl records are converted for a "CD" &/or MP3 format. Many other audio formats can be used along with MP3.
Normalizing is provided.  harmonizes all audio to have the same volume levels for lows and highs.
Some Audio Filtering is provided. Our technical specialist will consult with our customer.
Tracking is an optional service. This service identifies and names a song ... please ask for more detail.
Delivery    we will place your audio on a CD, DVD or USB. (there is a cost for USBs).
Email Delivery possible (sufficient band needed).
The following are premium services:
Master / Render This service prepares audio for duplication and playing. Please inquire.
Music Service Upload is available. Please Inquire.
Stripping Out Audio content From Video is available. Please Inquire.
Voice  Over service is available.
Scan Cover Art & print on CD sets.
Physical Tape Repair 
  • splice broken tape 
  • reattach tape to spindle
  • supply new cassette housing,
  • Mold, Mud, Fire
  • etc.
We can LP replicate cover and print the image on both booklet fronts & fronts of printable CDs & DVDs
Audio Capture to Digital  ... Using Sound Forge Software
Fits on an USB: Running time 7 hours & Size 25Mb 
Digital Audio
Printergy can transfer audio from many digital devices and move the audio to a designated devices. Please Inquire
We can replicate label writings on your records, re-print on new
CDs & DVDs

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Digital Voice Recorder

By Tascam, an upgrade to the analog field recorder. This device recorded audio in MP3 (&WAV) formats. Transferred by files to computers