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Cut Sheet

Audio & Video Editing

EDITING -- Audio & Video


It is easier for you to tells us what is important and what is not.

We routinely ask our clients to take the video transfer home, watch the video, and then fill out a CUT SHEET (it looks like a spread sheet). Identify the disc you are working with, outline time periods [from xx:xx to yy:yy - just minutes & seconds] within the video/audio. This is so we can make a good first cut!

When we finish making your correction, com'on in and look over the results.  Make some more changes, add title slides, add dates, identify people, etc.


Music/audio clips can be added from any other source and do not forget to add pictures within your video.


Add video transitions, slow down portions, or whatever.



Have a video that you would like a picture from of someone or some place? Would you like to make a digital copy of that image? Do you want to frame a copy?


Tell us where it is on the DVD by filling out the Cut Sheet.


Be as specific as you can, there are 29 individual pictures for every second of viewing pleasure!

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