If you have something that
looks this,
we may be able to retrieve data.

Backup & Recovery Services

Printergy Backups your PC or Mac!
Printergy can
  • back up everything  ... just copy data / pictures
  • download individual files or make a "disc image" and copy everything to a secondary disc media. A disc image is portrayed on the TV show CSI. CSI TV agents make a seamless copy of one computer without changing anything on the first computer.
  • Move files from and to a Mac/PC? We can backup your files, change them in a MAC format and load onto an USB drive...It's not magic, just knowledge.  Inquire!
  • move data to/from flash drives/external hard drives, etc.
CELL PHONE SERVICES  -- Cloud vs. Phone
Printergy can download & upload
  • pictures
  • music
  • audio
  • video 
from your phone and upload new stuff to your phone!
If you are like many of us, we use the cloud for interim storage. For instance, cloud pictures can be download and placed on a long term storage device kept in your possession.
Most of us have VHS camcorder tapes, audio cassette tapes . . . SD cards with data created by camera's, USB drives & such. 
Printergy can digitize VHS tapes to DVDs or digital files (MP4s). Audio files can be taken off of audio cassette and reel to reel tapes & made into audio digital files like MP3 . . . we can even load the files to your streaming service, digital assistant and . . .  
Down load Your pictures!
Make a copy & put it on a external hard drive

Download Services -- Drop off/Wait, Appointments 

A/V devices like camcorders & movie film have to be dropped for us to take the information off the device. The devices can be returned afterwards.

SD have some leeway and may stay with us until we are finished dragging the data onto another media.

Accessing Cloud / Phone Media allows for selectively download desired media or more!

 To access and download data from the cloud, we will need your user name/password contact information. Often, customers sit with us to identify media while the download is in process. The process can be time consuming. 

Cell Media pictures and video can be download during an appointment. Customer can wait either here at Printergy or travel to Hunt Valley Mall. That is, we normally can do the first part by taking files off your device. However, Part 2 post processing takes time.

Our Green Room is a Multimedia review room! This area is available to view/listen to your audio and video. If need be, voice over can be spoken while watching a video.

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