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Printergy digitizes optical film and creates a DVD. In addition, we can make flash drive [MP4 file]. The DVD and flash drive are not copy protected.

The DVD is playable in DVD & Blu-Ray players and computers. By request, video can be upgraded to other specifications such as 

Blu-Ray, 4K etc.

We can digitize 3" reels thru12" and 14" 16mm reels!

Like many video products, menus & such are available. Please Inquire.

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How Much Do We Charge?
Well, we charge by the foot.
Here are two example:
  • Ten 3" reels (500 ft) is $125
  • Ten 5" reels (2000 ft) is $350.
Please call & inquire about your film.


Typical Film Canisters

 Optical film reels have many other shapes and sizes.

Moldy, Smoke & Damaged Film

If the mold is only on the outside, it is a minor inconvenience. But on the inside, the mold will have to be cleaned before use. Smoke may be an issue for the homeowner, but smoke may not be a recording concern for video or optical tapes.

Film splices are a concern. Old splice tape breaks and re-splicing is needed. Occasionally too many broken splices result in additional time charges.

Popular Sizes

These are the most popular sizes.

SEQUENCE   When a customer brings in multiple reels, we sequence each tape by applying a sticky slip. Each slip is numbered beginning at "1" to the last tape. This becomes the order of video presentation.  

TAPE REPAIR  We make tape repairs. problems range from tape breakage, previous splicing breaks, tapes is wound backwards, wrong size reel etc. 

Standard Reels Size & Time

In terms of video running time, a 3" reel has 50 feet of video and contains 3 minutes and 20 seconds of video when full. A five inch reel has 12 minutes of video. A 10 inch reel has 72 minutes of video.

Sound Tracks

Sound tracks can be obvious like this example or possibly placed between the tracking sprockets.  Look carefully.

Printergy is concerned about missing audio recording. It "assumes" every reel has audio during our process.

Please reload


Sort & Organize Tapes.
Arrange the tapes in your sequence. Number each reel from first to last and Printergy will digitize the tapes in that order.
Some customers choose the year of processing, others by information written on the outside case.
Please consider that over time, reels and cases can become shufled.

How much video is own each reel?

  • 3" reels have 3 min 20 seconds 

  • 5" reels, about 12 minutes

  • 10" reel about 1/2 hour

  • 12" & 14" reels approx. 75 minutes 

Many many 3" reels fit on a DVD?

Approximately thirty digitized 3 inch reels can be written to a DVD disc.

Does my tape have audio?  Not every tape can have audio however Printergy digitizes every optical film reel as if it has audio. 

Here's what to expect:

  • Regular 8 tape was never manufactured with sound recording capabilities.

  • Super 8 Tape may have audio.

  • 16 mm Tape may have audio.


PURPLE FILM COLOR Problem:  It is not normal for this to happen, but some films shows this problem. The film is chemically changing.

Our policy is leave the "purple film" in the transferred film. If you want it out, we will do so. Printergy feels that these images are not replaceable. That decision is yours!




  1. PLACE Sticky adhesive numbers to identify tapes reels but YOUR felt tip pen is just as good.

  2. PLACE unrecognized reels at the back of the line. They get the highest numbers and digitized last.

  3. Film is digitized in "number" sequence.

  4. FILM REPAIR If the film has problems such as snapping, requiring spicing, we will repair.  There is a charge for troublesome tapes.

  5. MOLD tapes are wiped down [up charge]. The mold may damage our equipment but it also will cause viewing problems.  

  6. LOGs  Operators Log Entry is information concerning your film's physical performance and quality. This log accompanies your completed DVD.

  7. SHARE  If you are happy with results, let's make some copies and please enjoy your video!

EDITS ... Make changes possible

Video reel presentation not in order?

Disturbing content? 

Download the PDF file and fill it out...get it to us & we can edit !

Cut Sheet


Do you see a picture of some one or place?

Would you like to copy the picture on the film and make a paper copy and/or  a digital copy of that image?


Play your video & record the HOURS & MINUTES displayed on the DVD player or computer.


PS   there are 29 individual pictures for every second of video! Being off by a few seconds can be crucial.

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