Photo Scanning
Bulk Scanning
directly to a file
Sort photos by family, events, etc. place in baggies
we will a create file for each baggie
We Can Scan Both
Sides Pictures!
SCAN pICT 2 (2).jpg
10 photo boxes
10 plus different files
OHSCAN (3).jpg
Scan album page on a flatbed scanner
select image & use Photoshop to isolate desired image(s)
"JPG"graphic images
Can be Placed on
disc, USB & ...
Printergy USB.png
Cleanup Snapshots
Moms GrandParents1.jpg
MomsGP 1890.jpg
Remove Image from Glued Frame
Picture frame black.jpg
Glass Slides
Glass 2 1920 Sheppard Pratt 2x3.jpg
Glass Feb 19302x4.jpg
Text over picture
on a image
Voice Over Option
in a Video Slide Show
Consider Adding Bio Information as part of JPG
MomsGP 1890.jpg

NYC Central Park 1923

George & Willamet Hillpot

George Jr

Married ....