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We transfer audio/video (A/V) to digital. Audio is usually placed on CD, but flash drive digital storage is available. Video is placed on a DVD and occasionally a Blu-Ray disc- if selected. Video upgrade to MPEG formats are placed on a digital storage device such as a flash/usb drive. 


Being from a Navy family, we work at "all deliberate speed."  We work effectively to provide the best possible outcome. Tape transfer turnaround tme is under two - three weeks at holiday seasons ... shorter at other times.


VIDEO & AUDIO PRICING POLICY: Our prices reflect digitizing one video tape to Digital Video (DV) format and written to a DVD. This format plays well on a DVD player and computers (with appropriate software).


1) If a tape is blank we do not charge and Printergy will ask for a replacement tape.

        We declare a tape blank if the tape is played for 5 minutes without recognizable audio or video.       

        Recording is over when there is a loss of signal.

        A recording can have just audio or just video to be a good transfer.

2) We attempt to provide a faithful copy of the original tape. We do not provide "editing" services

        for just tape transfers. We do, however, provide this service at an additional cost.

3) We charge per tape and for running time under two hours.

4) We charge extra for running time over two hours. Printergy reserves the right to charge for time

     over 2 hours at $10 per hour.

5) We do not charge for blank tapes with no video.

      However, if a video tape is recorded, with a lens cap on, we do charge for the service.

6) For USA consumer tapes, the maximum price for conversion to DVD Video is $55.

     Legacy tapes and Overseas tapes (PAL, SECAM) have a separate cost schedule.

7) If a tape is "broken" and requires attention, we will go ahead and take care of the problem.

         We charge for snapped tapes ($15) and tapes requiring a replacement cassette ($30).

8) If you want to queue the tape to a particular location, please do it! 

      Similarily, we do not closely monitor each video to stop recording at a desired time.

9) If you are an Officer of the Court we can, under direction, evade copyrights!

        Under normal situations, our equipment will stop and not duplicate COPYRIGHTED material.





1) Audio Cassette tape are based on single 90 minutes (45 minutes on both sides--C90 format).

2) Printergy offers a fixed price for recording C90 tapes for "BASIC" service. "RESTORATION" is a                  service provided to correct and improve audio quality.

3) Reel to Reel Tapes fee is based on the estimated recording lenght based on the tape's speed and physical     length.




While Printergy attempts to provide a best possible outcome, not every conversion works out well.  It is difficult to overcome the past. Often, audio and video may require additional labor above our "BASIC" service level and price. The customer should decide to either accept the outcome or request additional



Recycling Video & Audio Tapes                                            Recycle Kodak Type Pictures, Slides , Negatives




From what we have read, very little of film products are recyclable. Kodak type pictures are saturated with chemicals, same for film positives and negatives .. these items are landfill/trash items. For what it's worth, paper envelopes are recyclable. 
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