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Slide Shows

"Edenwald New Resident Introduction"

Client originally developed this video 3 years ago.

In July, the customer brought in 65 newer pictures to replace older pictures.


Customer did a new voice over to introduce new services at Edenwald.

We authored a new DVD Slideshow

Working with technician to select new pictures, select order of pictures & timing between picture.

Client had a written script to go with each picture/slide. In the Voice Over, customer read her script.

Reviewing Images

Their Script

Video Plays In Building Lobby
Second Floor Hallway

Wedding Albun Becomes

a Slideshow

My Parents took this video
60 years ago
"I never saw this video until today . . . I was 3, and Dad was stationed in India"
Private Screening in our Green Room
Customer Review 1.jpg

Customer brought in

16 mm film reels and 200ish

35 MM slides.

Each siblings Received USB Copies

Vacation in Greece

with Background Music

Sunset at the Pier

Naples, FL


brought in 300+ pictures taken on their cell phone 

Our Direction: "We had a wonderful trip. 

Make all the slide fit in the show and

please add music!"


Kiosk & Web Play

Plays in our Big Screen TVs
& on the Web

Charity Event

"Program Book" 

AIAC book is 80 pages with history, founders, shoutouts and sold ads;
video played all during dinner & dance
Played at Events at
Martin's West,
Valley Center 
&  Turf Valley CC
Video taped & post!


Selections / Options

  • Add Pictures, Video selections

  • Audio can be personal narration, tribute or favorite sound tract

  • Audio selection can be timed

  • Title slides & annotations

  • and ....

Traditional Touches

  • Most shows have 125 items, spaced 5 seconds apart with/without transition; 

  • Shorter shows generally spaced 8+ seconds apart ...

  • "Loop" back to start ending automaticlly

  • Title Slides "In Memory of", "Love Your Grandchildren" 

  • Text added to pictures, ...

  • and, more Please Ask


DVD DISC Media ... a VIDEO DVD which plays in DVD player, computer w/DVD drive

USB/Flash Card ... as a MP4 video ... plays in devices with USB connections.

USB/Flash Card ... in PDF format ... plays in devices with USB connections.

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